Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hina Matsuri

Guess what?!...It's Girls' Day in Japan! The Hina Matsuri (doll festival) takes place on the third of March every year, and the dolls represent the cultural requirements of womanhood. For mothers and daughters, this event also represents a wish for marriage. Special male and female "emperor and empress" dolls, along with warriors, musicians, and other figures are displayed in the homes of families with daughters. The displays go up around the middle of February, and supposedly, if they are displayed beyond the day of the festival, marriage will be delayed for the girls in the family. Good thing this isn't the case with Christmas trees! I have been told that the wealthier the family - the bigger and better the doll display. My daughter became friends with a little boy from Japan a few years ago, and his Grandmother sent this special set of dolls for her, as a gift.

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