Friday, March 20, 2009

Have a Sweet Weekend!



The sweet treat to start off this weekend will be a little easier on the diet...less tempting than previous weeks! I don't think the cupcake pouches are very big, so I was thinking they might be cute for holding some small toys, or as a pajama holder. Do you have any other ideas? I don't even own a kitchen timer, so I always use the microwave. I am adding this to my wish list!


  1. Ha! Luci has this timer in her room. We use it for "room time" and I set it for her so I don't have to return to get her when room time is over. I got it at the dish barn on N'ville Rd. Want me to pick one up for you? They have them in pink and white.

  2. Oh my goodness...yes please!!! (Just the next time you're in there). I would love to have the pink one. Let me know the price and the shipping cost, and I'll send a check. Thanks Maggie! Now I owe you even BIGGER time! ;)