Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hellooooo Yellow!

(Rebecca Thuss)

(Paul Costello)

Yellow is such a happy color! It makes me think of sunshine and lemons. Today, I just wanted to spread the joy.


  1. WOAH. I LOVE those drapes....SO MUCH! Are they just covering the window do you think...or all over the whole room! I guess the windows are kind of big. Manley and I are hoping to buy a historic loft sometime this year, and this is EXACTLY what I want to do!

  2. Those drapes are amazing. My momma is coming in town this weekend to help us make drapes, and I think we're going to go with the maroonish-red color you suggested for the living room. Love you!

  3. Rebekka, I'm jealous of your historic loft plans! ;) I would guess that the drapes are only covering the windows...but that's just a guess! Do you promise to share pictures of your new place after you make the purchase?!

    Esther, I can't wait to see your new drapes! Will you please send a photo too?! I wouldn't mind seeing your dining room with the new paint job, either! ;)