Monday, March 16, 2009


Since we have Spring fever, I thought we could take a little vacation on the blog...or a "blogcation"! (Just go with it)! Today we will stop in Prague, Barcelona, and Nice to enjoy some beautiful architecture. Some friends of ours are actually living in Nice, France for a while, and have given me permission to share some of their photos. It looks like a beautiful city, so this won't be the last time we "blogcation" in Nice!

(Nice - Image: Stacey)

(Prague - Image: Lolita)

(Barcelona - Image: Lilly Pulitzer)


  1. That Lilly Pulitzer picture of the Barcelona building is adorbs! Have you been the Lilly Pulitzer store at Keystone at the Crossing in Indy? It's awesome (but expensive, of course).

  2. I have NOT been, but now that I know we have one, I'll have to plan a little trip - Thanks for sharing! I love the Barcelona building too.

  3. I went to that Russian Basilica in Nice. It was pretty cool! That was one of the only churches that I can remember well. We saw so many, but it was so different from the others that it stood out.