Friday, May 29, 2009

Delightful Little Weekend

I hope you find some time to relax this weekend!

Home Office

Doesn't this office make you want to work from home?!
Image: House of Turquoise

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sara!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Sara - my dear, engaged friend! Happy un-Birthday to the rest of you! (Yeah, well - I just saw Alice in Wonderland the other day.) I would LOVE IT if you would tell me your birthdate, so I can wish you a happy one - and I'll get to post some more cuppycakes! Sara, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

Image: Martha Stewart

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Well, I don't know what it's doing at your place, but it couldn't be any gloomier here. It's one of those days where I just didn't feel like getting out of my comfy bed. It's the perfect day for some bright, cheerful pix. Did you notice the plastic flatware in the last photo? I'll link to some previous posts for purchasing information, in case you're interested.

(LINK 1)
(LINK 2)

Images: Decor8 / Rice

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just For Kicks

Image: Black*Eiffel / Cade Martin

My Hero

Melissa Rufty is my hero. I guess I mean heroine. I love her quirky design combinations. I even love the quote from Beulah Miles on her website - "A room should never look as though everything arrived on the same day". So true!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puddle Jumpers - MARKDOWN!

I wanted to take the opportunity to share this great deal with you - because I scored two pairs for Kalia today, and I'm so excited! These Puddle Jumper Shoes look adorable on little girls, and they usually sell for $42.00 per pair. Today, there are several pairs selling for $12.00 on the website, under markdowns. You could easily pay that at Target - so why not try something a little different?! The pair in the photo is not part of the sale today, but you can find the same style in different colors. Don't wait too long - they'll go quickly! Let me know if you score a pair. Also, a portion of the annual profits support orphanages worldwide. One more reason to head over to PJS!


Lately, I'm just adoring J.Crew! I go through phases with my favorite stores, and right now I'm in my J.Crew phase. I'm a huge fan of "girly", and J.Crew has all kinds of ruffles and frills at the moment. Have you checked out Crewcuts recently? Cute stuff!

Blank Canvas IV

Gorgeous. If you're interested in looking back at some of my other "Blank Canvas" posts, click on the "EMPTY ROOM" label below.

Image: dress, design, & decor

Goin' to the Chapel

...and she's gonna get ma-a-a-rried! Sara, one of my very best friends, got engaged over the weekend, and I'm so excited - I just had to share the news! Her fiance gave her a handmade scrapbook of their time together, and the ring was attached to the very last page, with the phrase "Will you marry me?" Cute, huh?! Congratulations, Sara!
PS Here's a wedding video that will make you all smile! LINK

Monday, May 25, 2009

lmnop - Issue 7



Issue 7 of lmnop magazine is available online! It's free to download, and is another great source for kids' fashion, toys, and online sources. Don't you love the little bag? It was displayed in the latest issue.


Adorable. Love the elephant bedding, the wallpaper (although I can't say that I would have put the two together), the striped rug, and the floor cushion. Adorable.
Images: Decor8

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hooray for Memorial Day

...and LONG weekends. Enjoy your break! God bless those who serve our country.

What's Not to Love?

I was going to list the things I love about these photos...but then I figured - what's not to love?!

Image: Mochatini

Thursday, May 21, 2009

small magazine

The latest issue of small magazine is online today! It's a great source for kids' fashion, toys, and beautiful photography.



(MMR Interiors)

Have you neglected your hallways? Maybe they just need some wallpaper...or hallpaper!

My Duvet

(Wallpaper From the 70s)

(Wallpaper From the 70s)


(Desire to Inspire)

Remember my post about the same duvet in several different rooms? Well, it keeps popping up everywhere. I even found the design on wallpaper! Just had to share.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whimsical Randomness

There's just something about this photo. It's so whimsical...and unique! I enjoyed seeing it, and thought you might find it interesting.

Image: Boboho / copyright Tim Walker

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Serena & Lily

What a sweet room for a little girl! You can look for more nursery and kids' room inspiration on the Serena & Lily website.

Paint Potential

Yeah, yeah...As Entertainment Weekly claimed - it's "bad in many ways, but hard to hate". I personally enjoyed Mamma Mia! It was the last movie I saw in Lexington before our move, and Angela and I watched it together at the Kentucky Theatre. The scenery was gorgeous, and I love the interior colors. I am adding the wall color below to my paint potentials. Love it!

Tuft Stuff

I still love tufted sofas! I guess I just love tufted anything. Aren't these rooms beautiful?

(Material Girls)

(MMR Interiors)

(Apartment Therapy)

(Material Girls)

Beautiful Burners

I believe I found the most beautiful incense burners you'll ever see. In fact, the entire Bungalow website is gorgeous!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Peekin' On Pickin' - Angela's Place

After starting off as a Psychology major at one school, I transferred to another to study Interior Design - and that's where I met Angela. We took our very first Freshman Design Studio together...where we spent about 4 hours, two or three days a week, slaving over projects. Angela and I are just kindred spirits - and it didn't take us long to hit it off in class.

Before our second year of school, the apartment right next door to Angela opened up, and she convinced me to jump on it - so we became neighbors. We just loved having our very own places to decorate, but a best friend living right next door. It was like having a roommate, without actually having to compromise on anything! We would always come home from dates, and run to the other's door to chat...or gripe about projects and professors after class...or help each other out in order to meet deadlines...or just be together while working on our projects and watching Anne of Green Gables, or The Sound of Music. Sometimes we dream about going back to our "apartment days" again, because we got to hang out all the time, and those apartments were so darn cute!

Even after I got married and moved out, we kept up at least a weekly visit. Every Tuesday she would come to my place, and we would have a girls' night. I really miss those times.

Now, Angela is actually living in the house right next to our old apartments, and her place is like a miniature museum, or Antiques shop! There are so many pieces of art and trinkets to look at - it's just fascinating. I'm so glad she was willing to welcome us in for a house tour. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please don't forget to sign the Guestbook! (a.k.a. Comments)

Welcome to the living room!

The picture in front of her fireplace is my absolute favorite. A photo doesn't do it justice...the colors are so vibrant, and it's just a unique piece.

You get a little sneak peek into the dining room on this one. The cabinet in the corner is full of antique finds and trinkets.

Aren't her chairs unique? You can't really see much of her buffet in this photo, but I'm in love with it. I already claimed it, if she ever decides to part with the piece.

Well, I know that I said the matador picture is my favorite, but I think the Huldah Cherry paintings would have to trump it. I remember the day that Angela received her first Huldah Cherry...she called me over to see it, and told me that I would absolutely fall in love. Oh, did I ever! If her big one ever goes'll know where to find it! I found some at a flea market, and couldn't pass them up. I thought about giving them to Angela as a gift, but just couldn't part with them! Now they're in Kalia's room, and I have started my own collection.

I really like the wallpaper in this room. Oh, and this is kind of a bonus room right off the kitchen. The dining room is on the other side of the kitchen.

Diggin' the circus poster!

You can tell she loves color - all of her rooms are so vibrant. I have to take credit for finding the cute little Asian lamps on each side of the bed. I saw them at an Antiques shop, and they just screamed "Angela"! I believe her bedding is from Anthropologie. She actually has a couple sets from Anthro.
I love the color of blue on this cabinet.
Here is her little cigar box display. I love the art!

This is my room! Well, this is where I stay when I visit, anyway.

Another unique cabinet!

I think this is in her foyer.
A little corner of the kitchen...and a view of the back door.
Here's the office. Check out the size of that lamp! I was with her for that purchase, and we could hardly get the shade through the door to take it home! I love the black desk, and the rug.
Angela has big plans for this mirror...there is a loft apartment above her Antiques Store, and this is going to have its place there, someday. Hopefully, we'll have another tour in the future - of this fabulous loft!