Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change of Address

Apparently I have reached the maximum photo storage for blogger, so I think my only option is to open a new address. I will leave this blog up for the archives, but I am inviting you to come visit and follow at my new location. I will begin posting tomorrow, and I'll start with a cute lil' house tour. Farewell, little blog!

Image: Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heavenly Haviland

As I mentioned before, Haviland teacups are my favorite - so I took a few extra photos of my personal collection. I bought the pink ones at two different flea markets in Illinois, and the blue one was a recent purchase at an antiques shop in Indiana.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Virtual Tea Party

I had so much fun photographing my teacups last week. I set them up in nice little rows, and felt like I was posing my models for a photo shoot. They were so patient and cooperative! I'm actually impressed with myself for not breaking or chipping a single one of 'em. I wish I could remember how many I counted, but I really have no idea. Some of them are in several photos, and some of them didn't quite make the cut - but each one has its own story. Many were passed on from Grandmas, while others were flea market finds or antique shop bargains, and a few were gifts from friends...but they're all very special to me. I almost have enough cups to invite all of you for tea! Do you take sugar, honey or milk?

Friday, September 4, 2009

The "White Shoe" Rule

I hope you have a relaxing weekend! Kalia has a birthday party to attend, and my dear friend Esther will be in town for a baby shower, so I can't wait to spend some quality time together. I guess it's time to pack up the white shoes! I don't know if I even own a pair, but I think Stacy and Clinton said that rule no longer applies. Enjoy the long weekend!

Image: Dear World, You're Pretty!

PS Don't forget about my upcoming "collection post" if you're going to participate!


First grade is the beginning of formal education in Germany, and to mark the milestone, parents give their children candy and school supplies in a Schultute (colorful paper cone) or "school bag". The gift symbolizes a "sweet" transition into school.

This tradition came about in the early 19th century, when kids were told that a Schultute tree grew in their teacher's house, and that it grew a Schultute for each child. When the cones reached their full size, it was time to start school!

Now, the kids often create their own Schultuten as a project at the end of kindergarten, and parents still fill it with pencils, crayons, toys, chocolates, etc.

My husband's Grandmother is very German, so considering that Kalia has some German in her blood, I thought this might be a fun little tradition to begin for the first day of school. She won't be starting first grade yet (thank goodness!), but who says you can't start the tradition in Pre-Kindergarten?? She goes back on Wednesday, so I had better get busy!

Image & Info: Wondertime September 2008 / Amy Kaldor-Bull

Duvet for Tar-jay

Speaking of Jerusalem, I saw this hankie duvet on her blog, and fell in love. When I asked where she bought it, she said that it was from a few years ago, but that her mom happened to be selling the same one on ebay. Yay! I made the purchase, and it came in the cutest packaging I have ever seen! I was flipping through my old magazines the other day, and was thrilled to find a photo of my new purchase. Plus, I rather like the vintage trays. Kind of a cute idea!

Image: 100 ideas flea market style 2009

In case you want to track down your own hankie duvet, it was designed by Cynthia Rowley for Target (Tar-jay) a few years ago. It's a "Swell" duvet, and I believe the line was called "Pocket Full of Posies".

Thursday, September 3, 2009

House Tour Thief

Our little trip to Chicago was short and sweet, and since our return, it feels like our peaceful summer has come to an abrupt halt! This week has been insanely busy, and I don't think I'll be catching my breath until the middle of next week - when school begins. I really missed blogging the last few days, but took a very necessary break. I am super excited about sharing my teacup collection with you next week, and hopefully a few reader collections will soon be appearing in my inbox!

Now, about my stolen house tour...

I ran across Jerusalem's sweet blog a while back, and have been wanting to share the house tour that she prepared for Cookie - with you all. So, for those of you who follow my little life or Cookie's nesting blog - I apologize for the house tour repeat, but it is SO worth sharing with the rest of you! I would encourage you all to check out Jerusalem's blog and etsy shop.

I love how she uses vintage maps throughout her home, and did you notice the hangers she used to display art, in the photo on the right?!

There are five things I would like to point out from this particular photo - the dress, the vintage hankies on the lampshade, the pink luggage rack, the vintage typewriter, and the map. Great finds, Jerusalem!

Don't you love the banner on the fireplace? You can purchase similar items from her etsy shop.

I love the red door against the delicious wall color. It reminds me of this.

LOVE the globes and hot air balloon display!

I really like the map, candlesticks, lamp, window treatment, and bench.

Hooray for mismatched chairs!

I want that cute "BAKE" sign hanging in the window.

Great use of color! I'm adoring the display on the right. So pickin' cute!

It feels like there is a lot of love in this post, but I LOVE layers of bedding and pillows. Her master bedroom looks so inviting.

Look at her boys' room! The window treatments are fabulous, along with more layered bedding, and great pendants. This is a boys' room I will definitely keep on file! Click here to see the original tour.

Images: my little life / nesting