Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Smell Haviland

There is more to Indiana than cars, corn, and the Colts (although I know my friend Anne would beg to differ when it comes to her football team). For instance, there are some incredible antiques shops around here! It could take an entire month to hit all the antique malls and shops within fifteen minutes of my home. If you're up for a good girls' weekend, and some quality antiquing, I would be happy to map out the shopping!

Have I ever mentioned my teacup collection? My Grandma has already passed some down from her own collection, and I get one from my husband's Grandma for every birthday. I don't think I'll ever get sick of adding to my collection. I suppose it's because they're beautiful, have sentimental value or history, and they have a purpose! I do drink tea, and I love to serve it to friends in a pretty lil' cup. Over the weekend, I added the two in the photo to my collection. Both are bone china, and the one on the left was a steal (for $4)! The one on the right happens to be a Haviland, which I can sniff from a mile away. (I often gravitate to designs by that particular company.) Do you have a collection? Give me the details!


  1. i love teacups, too! it's the unique and pretty things that make everyday life special, don't you think? I really love totally over the top english china -- we sometimes have the neighbors over for tea -- and I can't resist teacups at estate sales. I like to call them "harlequin"- read charmingly mismatched - sets. thanks for this post about a favorite thing! we even have some on our etsy shop fergusandme.etsy.com. very pink! lynn-anne

  2. That's it..I'm coming to Indiana right now. Actually last time Is was there was about 3 years ago. Are you close to Evansville?

    Anyway love your tea cup collection.

  3. Lynn-Anne~
    Oooo, I'll definitely have to check out your etsy shop! I would have to agree that teacups are in the category of pretty things that make everyday life - special...I'm glad you can appreciate them too!

    Full House~
    I'll map out the shopping! ;) Honestly, I'm not sure where Evansville is exactly - we moved here in the fall, and I'm still learning the areas around Indianapolis!

  4. I don't have a collection of any sort, but I have been thinking for a long time about collecting teacups & saucers :) I love china & I love going antiquing. I don't have any room right now to display such a collection, but will hopefully get a collection going someday. Will you please show us some more of your cups & saucers?

  5. Honestly, I don't have a great place to display my collection right now, so they're in a cupboard! I would LOVE to show them off in some photos though, so thanks for asking! :) I'll try to do it in a post next week.