Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sure...or Unsure?

I say that pink is my favorite color, but sometimes I wonder if I'm lying to myself. I always love turquoise-ey shades of blue, and if pink is truly my favorite, then this color is a close second. I would say that green is tied for second, too. What is your favorite color? Are you sure?!


  1. I like the colour portrayed in the picture. When a child I had a similar coloured bedroom to this one.

    My favourite colour is maroon but I rarely use it to any great extent in my interior designs. Funnily enough I wrote a post recently about how men and women have differences of opinion of bedroom colours.

  2. Ooooo, I'll definitely have to check out your post on bedroom colors...sounds interesting! I know my husband and I DEFINITELY have differences of opinion on the subject!