Monday, August 10, 2009

Peekin' On Pickin' - Alexis and Evan's Place

I remember meeting Alexis for the first time at freshman orientation in design school. We ended up sitting near each other while registering for classes, so we chatted a bit, and basically scheduled all the same courses. We were a little apprehensive about starting up at a new campus, so we met over the summer break to take a little tour. I quickly found out that I had met a fantastic shopping partner, a great study buddy, and a wonderful friend.

Alexis and I had a lot of laughs over gigantic pizza slices from Pazzo's, shopping excursions where we tried on hideous jumpsuits just for kicks, and all around great conversations about everything from our quirky professors, to the men in our lives, and just about anything else that good friends discuss.

Now, Alexis is working as a Designer in Lexington, and she is married to her high school sweetheart! They make an adorable couple, and I'm so excited to share their fabulous home with you today. Go ahead. Take a peek! But seriously, pleeeeeeease don't forget to sign the Guestbook (a.k.a. Comments). Just take the time to point out one or two things that you enjoyed seeing, or just gush about her china collection with me...I'm lovin' it!

Well, here we are - in the living room! I love her big comfy pillows on the sofa, and I recognize those beautiful window treatments from her Christmas photo last year.

You know, I have been on a "mismatched chair kick" lately - so I enjoyed seeing her setup around the dining table. Since they're both black, the look is unified - but I love the variety in shape. (By the way - "unity" and "variety" are two of the design principles Alexis and I memorized together!)

Great chair!

I love the mirror, and I'm never opposed to fresh flowers!

Okay, I LOVE the story behind this china. Her mom started her on the collection when she turned 21, and the pattern just happens to be named "Alexis", by Noritake. It was discontinued around the 1930's, and Alexis is still collecting pieces as they become available. Isn't it beeeautiful?! She also received "Alexis" glassware by Fostoria for her 21st Birthday (discontinued between 1909 and 1925). I love pieces with a story, and antiques with a history! I would love to keep this idea in mind for Kalia, but I highly doubt there will ever be a pattern with her name - unless I design it myself!

Gorgeous china cabinet. Gorgeous china.

This is her wedding china - "Pearl Innocence" by Lenox. Ahhhh, I love china!

Ta-da! The guestroom. Pretty bed and bedding!

Well, I'm a sucker for damask. Love the shower curtain... Hey! Does this remind you of Rebekka's window treatments?!

Welcome to the Master Bedroom - another damask lover's paradise!

Cute bench! I would totally use that to put on my shoes.

Many thanks to Alexis for taking the time to share these photos. It was quite an enjoyable tour!


  1. Alexis has a lovely home! The highlights for me were definitely the kitchen (love the first open cabinet with all the colorful dishes and glasses) and the master bedroom (Abby, you know I'm a sucker for damask too!) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Alexis, I love the coat of arms that are on each side of the mirror above the sofa; they add such a sense of history and a personal touch. The attention to detail of your displays of dishes and china is incredible. I love the uniqueness of using different chairs around your dining table. Great house tour!

  3. This is a beautiful home!

  4. The drapes in the living room give the room
    a warm feel. I love the china cabinet and
    the colorful plates.