Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pops of Pink

Don't you think the phrase, "pop of color" is SO over-used on design shows?! I only used it in my title for the sake of alliteration. Although, can you call it alliteration if there is an "of" in the middle? Well anyway, for more beautiful inspiration, you should definitely head over to A Creative Mint. The site makes me want to gather some beautiful things from around the house, and take lovely photos. Is that odd?!

Images: 1 A Creative Mint, 2 & 3 decor8


  1. This is why I love your blog...our minds must think alike because I actually have a couple of the above images saved as a draft to post as well.

    Anyway thank you so much for your comment. I really coming here to see all of the eye candy you post.


  2. Awwww, thanks Christina! I always enjoy your blog as well - I definitely think our styles cross paths, so I really enjoy seeing what you're going to post next. Oh, and your kids are soooo cute!