Wednesday, August 26, 2009


(JP Greenwood) - Etsy

(Home Sweet Home)

In honor of my husband's 33rd birthday, I thought I would post a few manly rooms. The design is a little heavy on testosterone for my taste, but I can appreciate it nonetheless. I do love dark wood, but I would want a few more feminine elements. At least the pillow shams are monogrammed!


  1. That Bagley Mischka house in Kentucky has been one of my new favorites. I actually really do like masculine elements in decor. I love the look of Ralph Lauren's house as well. Then again I like very feminine decor. The trick is how to juxtapose...I suppose.

    Love that top photo too.

    Happy birthday to your husband!

  2. Yeah, I can definitely appreciate masculine decor, but I agree that the trick is knowing how to juxtapose. I would probably go a little heavier on the feminine, and lighter on the masculine...but a mix of the two can be lovely! PS I added a 3rd photo :)

  3. Great photos :) I love the third one - it's so dramatic.

  4. I like that one too...for some reason I actually like the antler display, and the really dark cabinet under it. Oh, and the mismatched chairs! :) Throw in the rug and the wall color too. It's just a great, masucline room, isn't it?!