Friday, August 14, 2009

Safe or Bold?

Happy Friday! Don't you loooove this sofa?! I'm curious - what color is your sofa? If you ever replaced it, would you choose the same color? Are you a fan of solids or prints? Also, do you tend to go with the "safe" choice, or the bold statement?

Image: PAPAYA! Blog


  1. I really do love that sofa - you can't go wrong with tufting detail. I actually recently got a new sofa - solid creme. Much better than my previous one which was a large floral pattern.

  2. Oooo, sounds pretty! I couldn't do creme right now (with a 4-year-old), but I think it's beautiful!

  3. That is a lovely fav color! I adore the artwork above it. I have Grandma Harris's new sofa's before she past away plaid dark I've slip covered them in a red cream hotair ballooning toile it was supposed to be for the family room but that changed into a bedroom when the twins arrived and now the hotair ballooning toiled couches reside in the livingroom/family room.

  4. Oh, I would LOVE to see your toile sofa! I'm hoping you have it on your flickr page. :)