Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Serial Returner

I found these adorable plastic cups for Kalia at Target right before Easter, and failed to share them on here. If you have shopped with me before, you know that I carry the things I like around the store...analyze the item based on need vs. want...re-analyze...put it back...sometimes, pick it up again...and then leave with absolutely nothing! Sound familiar? Or here's scenario 2: I go through the same process...leave with the item...return it two days later. I can't explain my shopping process. That's just how I roll! (wink, wink). Flea Markets and antique stores are very tricky for me, because I don't have that return option! Anyone else a "serial returner"?

My story has a point - I promise! At Target, you have to purchase your item right away. Just about everything I have ever passed up and gone back to purchase a day or two later, is sold out. I went back for these cups, and lucked out because there were two left, but when I first saw them, there were probably twenty on the shelf!

Image: Such Pretty Things


  1. This is so classic you, Abby! remember the teapot on sale at Macy's for $20 that you took back? I was so mad at you! :) not really, but I knew you really wanted it and it was so marked down!

  2. Yup, I remember! :) I can't explain it...any psychologists on the follower panel?!