Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ruthi Auda & Anthropologie

I just did a post on ribbon photos yesterday, and when I received the latest Anthropologie catalog in the mail that evening, there were these monster-sized ribbons made of wallpaper! How cool. Those Anthro stylists are so creative. I think that's what you'd call 'em, right?! Stylists? There is a blog that you should really check out if you love Anthropologie's displays and catalogs. I believe that the blogger works as a stylist for several Anthros, and she is so talented! Here is a photo of Ruthi's work.

Ruthi designed and created the "tree" behind the bed.

You'll have to check out her blog to see the rest of her displays. Anyone else a little jealous of her job?! I would be willing to bet that her house is Anthropologie paradise.

Image 1: Anthropologie catalog
Image 2: Ruthi Auda


  1. Love anthro! wish I could afford it, though:(

  2. Love Anthro too...we'll have to watch for sales! ;)