Monday, June 29, 2009

Good ol' Kentucky

(James Merrell)

(Brown Button)

I'm not really sure what attracted me to a post about ribbons, but I just love these two photos. I actually have a mirror similar to the one in the first photo - only it's gold. It's on my list of future projects - along with the coffee table, dresser, nightstands... I suppose the second photo reminds me a bit of Kentucky, and Keeneland. I miss you Kentucky people...and I miss the rolling hills with white fences, and beautiful, healthy horses. Indiana is so flat, but that does actually have one advantage - you can see so much sky! I noticed that right away when we moved here. It looks like the sky goes on forever! It's really gorgeous on a clear, sunny day.


  1. The Kentuckians miss you too (I still count myself among them even though Jacob and I are gone as well)! Will we get to see you when we are stateside again? We're splitting time between Indy and Lex and I could def see a lunch/shopping day in store for me, you and the little one...

  2. Awww, I miss you too Anne! I would LOVE to see you when you're in town...what date are we looking at?! Lunch and shopping sounds splendid! ;)