Monday, June 15, 2009

My Confession

For me, this photo conjures up some major feelings. I am going to have to make a confession - so here it goes: I got hooked on ABC's October Road a few years ago, and it was cancelled after the second season...only they never had a chance to wrap things up in a finale, so my only option was to purchase season 2 when it came out on DVD in May. Randy and I have been watching an episode a night for the last few weeks, and were so excited to veg in front of the TV last night with a huge plate of spicy nacho Doritos (drenched in melted cheddar cheese), to get lost in the final episode. (He is going to love me for including him in this confession!)

Well, our "episode" was practically over before we were even able to finish half a plate of Doritos! It ended up being about a 15 minute wrap-up session, and the writers would have been better off just doing a slide show with photos of the cast, and using a cheesy narrator to give an update on each couple. One of the main characters was completely left out, and there was only one good line in the entire finale - it was horrible! The moral of the story is that you should never bother purchasing a DVD of a show that was cancelled - 'cuz chances are, there was a good reason for the cancellation. We found out the hard way.

So you are probably wondering about my confession, and what this photo has to do with any of it - right? Well, the confession was just the fact that I was hooked on the show. It was pretty corny, and some of the acting was rather average, but somehow we still fell in love with the characters - and the whole "small town" vibe. This photo actually reminds me of the wallpaper in Hannah's house, from the show. I loved her place, and that was possibly another factor leading to my disastrous DVD purchase. Actually, all of the interiors were pretty charming. This wallpaper also reminds me of the dressing room at Fossil. So, does anyone have a similar confession, to make me feel better?!

Image: Design Sponge

A few hours later...

Okay, it's a little later in the day now, and I have had some time to settle down about my disappointment, and I have to say that maybe I was a little harsh on the show. Honestly, I still love the characters and the overall story, but just wanted to see a little more development in some of the relationships, rather than just their final destiny. I will still claim to be a "roadie" - secretly!

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