Monday, June 8, 2009

Goldilocks and the Party

Kalia has an October birthday, but I am actually beginning to think about it and plan ahead. Way ahead. I just want it to be fabulous this year. We have always done a family party, and this will be her first kid celebration - so I want it to be extra special. I figure that if I choose a theme in advance, I can watch for favors, decorations, and ideas from now until October. I saw this adorable Goldilocks party on a room somewhere and thought it was pickin' cute. I haven't decided on a theme at this point, but this party was definitely inspiring!

Image: a room somewhere


  1. oh I love that! I think one of the main things I miss about not having girls is not having girlie parties! live it up!

  2. I DO love having a girl - and party planning should be fun...but I hear that girls are more trouble than boys once they're teens!