Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen

(Style Me Pretty)

(nothing but) flowers

(Luphia Loves)

Assuming you're a lady...what do you think is the best thing about being a woman? I love to dress up, paint my nails, wear pink, sip from a teacup, have a door opened for me or chair pulled out (not to be spoiled, but because it makes me feel respected, and in a way - protected), watch romantic comedies, cry when I want to, and the list goes on. I'm pretty old-fashioned I suppose, but I loved being pursued rather than pursuing, and I loved being able to plan my wedding, and to experience having a baby. I'm sure that being a man has its perks too, but I just love being a woman - don't you?!

Random Question: Do you think chivalry is dead? Of course I watched The Bachelorette last night, and noticed that not only did Reid barge onto that helicopter first, but he didn't even look back for a second to assist Jillian. Did anyone else notice that particular scene? Also, do you think she'll end up with Ed or Kiptyn?


  1. I didn't notice that scene, but I think Jillian made the right choice by letting Reid go. He seems like a really sweet, funny guy, but not ready for that kind of commitment. After Ed's outfit choices in that episode, I'm not so sure he's straight (the short swim trunks, pastel suit, etc.), so I pick Kiptyn. Even though that's the most ridiculous name I've ever heard!

  2. Yeah, I would have to agree that he might not have been ready for the commitment. I did feel sorry for him though, cuz I'm pretty sure he had some serious regrets when she let him go. Poor guy. I wasn't sure what to make of Ed's mankini, but I have kind of been a fan of Kiptyn all along. I think he is super shy, but sweet...and not bad on the eyes! ;)