Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion & Fitting Rooms

It's not like I buy my entire wardrobe (or Kalia's) at J.Crew and Crewcuts, but I LOVE the catalogs and the clothes. They're rather inspiring, in my opinion. Beautiful colors, fun combinations, and uber-girly! I just couldn't keep myself from yet another J.Crew post. Is there a clothing store with a certain style you find inspiring? Have you ever been inspired by a dressing room? I loved having an excuse to get back to the fitting rooms at Fossil in Lexington...the hardwood floors, the wallpaper, and the overall ambiance were fabulous. I also loved the wallpaper at The Black Market in Lexington...the boutique, not the chain. Okay - your turn!

Images: Crewcuts


  1. love this toO! you always have the best inspiration pics - have I said that this week yet? And yes, always feel free to use anything from my site as long as you link back to me!! Thanks friend!

  2. Oh, thank you!! :) I'm going to wait until you post the rest of your home...and I'll let you know when I do the post! Thank YOU, friend!