Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Summer Dreamin'

This cold weather is really starting to get to me, so I find myself being drawn to summer-inspired color schemes. I notice that my "design moods" and tastes tend to change with the four seasons, as well as "seasons of life". I love this color combination, and I just wanted to share these cheerful images with you on this gloomy day!
Images: Domino


  1. RIP Domino!!!!! I remember the issue that had that article. I love those too Abby! I ESPECIALLY love the idea of a bed hidden in a cozy. I love your blog and can not WAIT to keep up with you through it. ! Yeay!


  2. Yes, RIP! Domino was my absolute favorite. I just got the book, and now I can't get my free subscription...bummer! I'm so glad you love my blog, Rebekka! That's a huge compliment to me, coming from an amazing artist. I'll have to become a "follower" of your blog as well, and am looking forward to keeping up with YOU!

  3. Abby, you are so cute and I love your blog--great ideas!!

  4. Thank you Esther! I'm so glad you're following. I can't wait to post your dining room sometime!! :)